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I have not received any compensation from  pharmaceutical companies or other commercial entity (consulting fees, speaker honoraria, travel grants etc.) since 2017

Organisations and Foundations who are currently funding my work

BMBF, Einstein Foundation, EU, Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, Volkswagen Foundation, Wellcome Trust


‘Preventive antiinfective therapy in stroke’ (European Patent Office 03714776.6-2123-EP0302246). Patent owner: Charité, Humboldt University Berlin, Patent inventors: Andreas Meisel, Christian Meisel, Konstantin Prass, Elke Halle, Hans-Dieter Volk, Ulrich Dirnagl (Patent released)

Erythropoietin Splice Variants (European Patent office EP05010473). Patent owner: Charité, Humboldt UniversityBerlin. Patent inventors: Andreas Meisel, Josef Priller, Konstantin Prass, Ulrich Dirnagl, Christel Bonnas

This declaration updated 20.5.2021